Announcement: EMPOW presents project results at Conference on Poverty and Health

“Vulnerability, Health and Empowerment: Participatory Research with Refugees” – Conference on Poverty and Health.

Organizers/moderators: Hella von Unger, Dennis Odukoya

Date: Thursday, March 24, 2022 from 1.15 to 2.45 pm

What do we learn about refugees’ health, vulnerability and empowerment when we conduct participatory research? In the project “Vulnerability and Empowerment: Participatory Approaches to Health Promotion with Refugees”, community partners and scientific partners in Berlin, Hanover and Munich carried out group discussions, peer-based health promotion via social media, a Photovoice project and other activities. The first results are presented in three lectures.

1) “Life in the camps makes you sick.” Results of a Photovoice project and a survey
Fanta Sylla; Anna Huber, LMU; Shqipe Krasniqi, Refugio Munich

2) Peer-based health promotion with refugee women via social media
Maryam Mohammadi, UFU; Abir Amir; Nazanin Shafiei; Raghad Alfalah; Marcus Wächter-Raquet, LVG & AFS Lower Saxony e.V.

3) African Voices on Health, vulnerability and empowerment based on lived experience
Rosaline M’Bayo, GEDA e.V.; Abdel Kader Barounga; Esther Hingst; Lovetta Yei M’bayoh; Moro Yapha; Stephen Amoah, GEDA e.V.; Francis Adams; John Neba; Philomena Ciza; comfort tella; Petra Narimani, KHSB Berlin