EMPOW München

In Munich, the main project partner is Refugio,  an organization providing mental health care to refugees. You can find out more about Refugio here.

The Munich working group consists of about 15 refugees from different countries, Refugio staff and the LMU academic team. We meet monthly to conduct research on health-related needs of refugees in the larger Munich area.

We started with a photovoice project sharing and discussing pictures from our everyday lives. We presented the results at the European Public Health Conference and will soon exhibit selected photos and stories on this website.


Now we want to find out more about the living conditions of refugees in the shelter system. We conducted a peer survey asking refugees about their experience in shelters during the Corona pandemic. How were they doing? Did they receive sufficient information, care and support? We will soon provide information about the results of this peer survey.

In the future, the Photovoice project on refugee health conditions will be located here.


LMU team:
Anna Huber

Community partner:
Refugio München
Rosenheimerstr. 38
81669 Munich

Refugio München Website