• “Is there someone listening when we speak?” (community partner, EMPOW Berlin)
  • “Life in the camps make you sick.” (community partner, EMPOW Munich)
  • “Empowerment is a joke when society takes everything away from you.” (community partner, EMPOW Berlin)
  • “Refugee women are even less able to participate in society than refugee men. Therefore, the empowerment of women isThat’s why it’s all the more important for women to be empowered.“ (community partner, EMPOW Hanover)
  • "What we are doing is building the knowledge and then this knowledge will be used to impact. That we can also give it back to the community."
  • “Vulnerability and empowerment are related. They are not mutually exclusive.”

Welcome to the website of the participatory research project EMPOW!

Here, you will find everything there is to know about our project, which is being implemented in the three cities of Berlin, Hanover and Munich.

In this project, refugees research into the topic of health together with partners from the the health sector and scientists from LMU Munich. In addition to research, we also develop practical projects designed to promote the health of refugees. The full title of the project is “Vulnerability and Empowerment: Participatory Approaches to Health Promotion with Refugees” (EMPOW).

It is our pleasure to greet anyone who is interested in our project!



Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU)
Institute for Sociology
Konradstr. 6
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